Multimodality, games and digital video in libraries and museums – 4th February 2014

Libraries, galleries and museums are rapidly incorporating digital media into their forms of display, interpretation and visitor engagement. These range from relatively conventional digital audio commentaries to uses of games and social media. These forms are all multimodal, integrating visual display, sound, written and spoken language and a variety of interactive interfaces, addressing a range of sensory experiences and forms of intellectual understanding and cultural engagement.

This workshop uses the theories of multimodality to analyse examples of such media innovation used in galleries, libraries and museums. It will be of interest to those who work in these cultural institutions, those who design or apply such media, researchers and students interested in such innovations, and educators who see new opportunities for learning.

Facilitators: Andrew Burn, Alison Gazzard, Carey Jewitt, Sara Price


Please book a place at the online registration page.

Fees: £30 for PhD students, £60 for staff at UK public sector organisations