Film and video analysis

Are you considering using video to do social science research? Here are some resources to get you started.

Video analysis

  • Watch a video guide to multimodal analysis of face-to-face interaction
  • Read powerpoint presentations on obtaining and generating video data, theoretical and methodological approaches, and case studies of classrooms and Youtube.
  • Read a working paper on video research by Carey Jewitt.
  • Browse a bibliography of key readings in video research.

Moving image and digital film production

  • Read a definition of the ‘kineikonic mode’
  • Watch a video guide to analysing moving and digital film production.
  • Read a working paper on how to analyse moving image.

Interactional analysis and multimodal transcription

  • Listen to Frederick Erickson explaining how to analyse video from a micro-ethnographic perspective.
  • Watch Lorenza Mondada giving a presentation about analysing embodied interaction. You can also watch an interview with her.
  • Read how to run a video viewing session.
  • Read an introduction into transcribing video by Diane Mavers.
  • Read a how-to guide on multimodal transcription by Jeff Bezemer.
  • Browse a collection of multimodal transcripts.

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