NCRM Podcast Series: Digital technologies in the operating theatre

How do surgical trainees learn to operate on real patients without increasing patient risks? How do surgeons come to make critical decisions during operations? How have new technologies changed learning and decision making? These are some of the questions being addressed in one research project at the NCRM-funded node, MODE based at the Institute of Education. Dr Jeff Bezemer talks to Christine Garrington how digital technology is being used to look at these questions and ultimately how he believes it could improve the decision-making and training processes in the operating theatre.
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Interview with Professor Frederick Erickson: Video data analysis

In this podcast, recorded at the London Knowledge Lab in October 2012,  Professor Frederick Erickson (Inaugural George F. Kneller Professor of Anthropology of Education and Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of California 1998-2012)  spoke to Carey Jewitt about his extensive experience in the field of video data analysis.
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6ICOM Conference Plenary Recordings (with video)
Listen to the keynote speeches from the 6th International Conference of Multimodality

NCRM Research Methods Festival 2012: What is Multimodality?

Professor Carey Jewitt and Dr Jeff Bezemer presented a session at the 5th NCRM Research Methods festival in July 2012 which aimed to give a general overview of Multimodality and how the inter-discplinary approach can be used in data analysis. The presentation focused on: space and time; body and embodiment; action and interaction; artifacts and objects; text and context; and general meaning-making.
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