Researching the body in digital environments – 3rd April 2014


Digital technologies have changed the nature of how we interact with one another, the environment and technologies themselves, bringing new and interesting ways of thinking about the body. Collectively this raises challenges for research: theoretically in terms of how the body is conceptualised; practically in terms of shaping bodily interaction; and methodologically in terms of data collection and analysis. This seminar will explore the relationship between bodily interaction and digital environments; how this changes the way we think about the body; and ways in which we can research the body in digital environments.

The seminar will begin by introducing ways in which digital technologies might change the nature of interaction, and multimodal approaches to research. Different examples (such as, simulation, mobile devices, tangible environments, sensor-based performance) from research will be presented, examining how these change the way we think about the body and highlighting methodological challenges.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore how they think about the body in their own research and the methodological challenges that this raises for them. This will be followed by a workshop exploration and discussion on methodological challenges through research data examples.


10.00-10.10: Welcome and introduction to the day
10.10-10.40: Introduction to the relationship between digital technologies and the body:
10.40-11.00: Participant discussion on the body in own research
11.00- 11.15   COFFEE
11.15-12.15:   Examples of digital environments and role of the body
12.15-12.45:  Multimodal methods and their role in researching the body
12.45-13.30   LUNCH
13.45-15.45:  Methodological approaches: exploration of themes from multimodal perspective through research data examples.
15.00-15:45:  TEA
15.45-16.00: Plenary session

Who is this event aimed at?

Early Career Researchers; Postgraduate researchers (PhD and Masters students)

For those interested in research around the body and digital environments. No prior knowledge needed


Fees: PhD students: £30,  staff at UK academic institutions, RCUK funded researchers, public sector staff and staff at registered charity organisations: £60

Please book a place online and the online registration page