“How many lap choles have you done?” A linguistic-ethnographic take on counting surgical experience.

Bezemer, J., Cope, A., Kress, G. & Kneebone, R (2011) in The Impact of Applied Linguistics. Proceedings of the 44th Annual Meeting of the British Association for Applied Linguistics. London: Scitsiugnil. pp. 27-30.

In this paper we explore a site of work and learning that is rarely investigated ethnographically and to which few applied linguists have gained access: the operating theatre. Taking up the 2011 BAAL Annual Meeting’s theme, ‘The Impact of Applied Linguistics’, we argue that linguistic ethnography, through detailed analysis of situated, embodied interaction (Maybin & Tusting 2011), can and should make an important contribution to research on and improvement of the quality and safety of health care.

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