Application workshop: Doing video research in medical education – 30th May 2013

Video is now widely used by social scientists to record and analyse social practice. In this workshop we explore the potentialities and constraints of using video as a tool for researching medical education. We discuss how video recordings of clinical settings can be obtained, how such data can be analysed and what the ethical issues are in doing video research. In the first part of the workshop we review the rationales, methods and outcomes of past and current video research in medical education. In the second and main part we demonstrate two different methodological approaches to analysing video data (corpus analysis and interactional analysis), drawing on video research on teaching and learning in the operating theatre. In the third part we discuss how video research might complement other approaches.

The workshop will be led by Jeff Bezemer and Alex Cope. Jeff Bezemer PhD is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Education, University of London. Alex Cope BA Msc MRCS is a Clinical Research Fellow at Imperial College London and a Specialist Registrar in General Surgery in the Oxford Deanery.


Venue: London Knowledge Lab

Registration: Please book a place at the online registration page

Fee: Phd students – £20, other participants – £40