Data Analysis Workshop: Analysing gesture, body posture and action in digital learning environments – 2nd October 2012

2nd October 2012, 10:00-16:00
London Knowledge Lab, 23-29 Emerald Street, WC1N 3QS

Aim and focus

This data workshop will explore methods of analysing physical interaction in digital learning environments, including but not limited to, tangibles, multi-touch, wii-mote or xbox kinect environments. In particular, the role of gesture, action (e.g. manipulation) and body posture will be explored in relation to key themes including:

1)      Collaboration and communication

2)      Cognition and meaning making

3)      Digital literacy

Workshop sessions will be based on research video data examples, and draw on multimodal and semiotic approaches analysis. Issues of coding, sampling, the development of research hypothesis, and the application of concepts of embodiment will be discussed. Participants are invited to submit their own example video data (in advance), to be used as a basis for discussion of analytical approaches, together with video data from the MODE: Embodiment project.

Key words: Action, gesture, digital learning environments, qualitative video analysis, multimodal perspectives of analysis.

Resources: Introductory powerpoint presentationCarey Jewitt and Sara Price