Multimodal Transcription – 13th June 2012

Aim and focus

This seminar focuses on transcription with the aim of investigating how different modes of (digitally recorded) social interaction can be remade on the page-like screen, it will explore what is sustained, gained and lost in transcribing embodied communication. Examination of a selection of published transcripts will include those that consist of:
– Writing only
– Drawing, and drawing with writing
– Traced stills
– Photographic stills superimposed with or accompanied by writing.

In addition, ways in which transcripts are set out will be considered (e.g. tabular, narrative layouts).

There will be opportunities to experiment with transcribing a short extract of video footage and to reflect on, question and discuss participants’ experiences of transcription. In conclusion, general debate on methodological approaches will be invited, for example:

What other forms of transcription might be useful? To what extent is transcription description or analysis?
How will transcription change with the emergence of digital means of dissemination?

Who is this seminar for?

This seminar is aimed at doctoral and new career researchers interested in developing their understanding of how the multimodality of social interaction can be re-presented in different modes of transcription

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Date, venue and fee

13th June, 11:00-16:00, The University of Sheffield. Fee £20

To register for this seminar please visit our online registration site or contact Anna Waring.