Using video to investigate workplace learning

Aim and focus

In this research data workshop we explore the potential of using video to studying workplace learning. Detailed, qualitative methods of analysis will be reviewed using video data from the operating theatre, a complex site of health care service and clinical education. The workshop highlights the potential of in-depth, interactional analysis of short video clips. It aims to foster an appreciation for the  ‘smallness’ and ‘slowness’ of fine grained transcription and analysis; and explores how this type of analysis can be applied to address substantive issues such as clinical education and patient safety.

Who is this seminar for?

The workshop is aimed at (advanced doctoral) researchers interested in workplace learning. No prior knowledge of interactional analysis of video data is required.

Date, time, venue and fee

10th February 2012 – 14:00-16:30
London Knowledge Lab, Bloomsbury, London
This event is free. To book a place, please visit our online registration page or contact for further information