Research Ethics and Informed Consent in Video Research

Aim and focus

The aim of this seminar is to discuss ethical principles, procedures and practices in video-based research. Video offers real potential for social science research, as evidenced in a growing body of video-based studies in sociology, psychology, communication and education. However making audio-visual records of social interaction also raises challenging ethical questions, for instance about its effects on the well-being and anonymity of research participants and its legal implications. In the seminar we will identify and work through these questions with reference to a case study of video research in the operating theatres of a hospital; and with reference to the experiences that the participants bring to the seminar. The seminar is led by Dr Jeff Bezemer.

Who is this seminar for?

The seminar is aimed at anyone who uses or plans to use video in social science research.

Date, time, venue and fee

17th Jan 2012, 2-4.30pm at the London Knowledge Lab, Bloomsbury, London. This event is free. To register please contact

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