Researching online and mobile interaction and environments: Understanding space, place and time

Aim and focus

This seminar will explore the following questions:

  • How can the use of different digital technologies change understandings of time, place and space in digital interaction?
  • How might this reconfigure and challenge social science concepts and methods for researching space, time, and place?
  • What concepts and methods can be used to analyze space and distributed interaction in digital environments?
  • How can research methods capture and analyze the flow of ‘materials’, time and dialogue in online interactions?

The seminar will explore key social science concepts of space, time and place pertinent to researching digital technologies and frameworks for analyzing scales of time and sequence in digital data. The seminar will be followed by two participatory workshops one focused on mobile technologies and space, the other on social media and time. These will use visual and multimodal research data to explore how digital technologies disrupt and reconfigure concepts of time, place and space and its effect on methods of data collection and analysis within social science

Who is this seminar for?

Early Career Researchers; postgraduate researchers and those interested in research on mobile technologies, social media, time, space, and place and digital technologies. No prior knowledge needed.

Date, time, venue and fee

23rd Feb, 11:00-16:30 at The University of Bristol. Fee: £20.
To register for this seminar please visit our online registration site or contact Anna Waring.

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