Digital Ethnography – 11th March 2014

Aim and focus:

This training workshop will explore the uses of digital ethnography for studying contemporary communication environments and will focus on its potentials for multimodal data collection and analysis. Multimodal research attends to varied forms of social interaction as realized in moving image, written text, gaze, posture, among other modes of communication. This one day introductory workshop will provide participants with:

  • An introduction to literature pertinent to digital ethnography for contemporary communication environments
  • Direct application of methods using online data
  • Critical discussion of digital ethnography as an approach that builds on online and offline interactions

Programme Outline:

  • Overview: workshop schedule and introductions
  • Presentation: multimodality, ethics and digital environments
  • Application: online contexts
  • Closing: discussion and implications for your own research

This seminar will be led by Myrrh Domingo

Who is this training for?

This training workshop is aimed at postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers, early career researchers and academics interested in an introductory perspective on digital ethnography for multimodal research of online and digital data environments


11th March 2014 at The London Knowledge Lab, 23-29 Emerald Street, London, WC1N 3QS


Fees: PhD students: £30;  Staff at UK academic institutions, RCUK funded researchers, public sector staff and staff at registered charity organisations: £60

Please book a place online and the online registration page

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