Researching space and time in digital environments: a multimodal approach – 4th April 2013 (rescheduled)

This training day will use a multimodal approach to examine notions of time, place and space in relation to digital environments, including mobile technologies, online social media, virtual worlds, and physical-digital environments. Multimodal research attends to a wide range of forms of communication and social interaction, including image, embodied interaction, gaze, and moving image. This one day introductory course will provide participants with:

  • Explications of multimodal concepts & procedures for analysing online social media and mobile environments with a focus on space, place and time ( coherence, layout, genre, timescales, rhythm, navigation, trajectories and traversals, mobility and spatiality)
  • An introduction to the use of key terms and concepts pertinent to researching digital technologies
  • Direct experience of analyzing multimodal texts and interaction
  • Critical discussion of methods and the challenges for research that a focus on space, place and time in digital environments raises

It will explore these topics through a mixture of presentations, interactive data workshops, discussion and a panel Q & A session. (The day does not focus on geo-spatial visualisation methods)


10.30: Overview of the day and introductions

11.00:   Presentation: Multimodality, space, place and time: Key concepts

12.00:   Activity key concept cards, Professor Carey Jewitt

12.30:   Lunch

The afternoon sessions are focused on direct experience of analysis applying the key concepts to data

1.30:      Data workshop 1. Analysing space and time in social media, Dr Myrrh Domingo and Berit Henriksen

3.00:      Coffee and tea

3.30:      Data workshop 2. Multimodal analysis of mobile interaction with a focus on spatial practices, Professor Carey Jewitt

5.00:      Panel Q and A discussion

5.30:      Close

Participants will be provided with an information pack including readings, a reading list and glossary.

This course is aimed at postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers, early career researchers, and academics who want an introduction to multimodality and with a focus on researching space and time in digital environments. No previous knowledge of visual or multimodal research is required

Facilitator: Professor Carey Jewitt
Venue: University of Warwick
Fees: Phds –  £20, all other delegates – £40

Book a place online at the online registration page

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