Multimodal theories and methods

It is central to this strand that the MODE team is interdisciplinary in character. Its members are drawn from sociology, computer science, psychology, semiotics and linguistics, cultural and media studies, and psycho-social studies. This Strand will develop multimodal methodological approaches that combine methods from across social science disciplines in innovative ways.  The strand will develop methods to enable the integration of data collected via qualitative and quantitative data (e.g. the use of multimodal theory to inform quantitative survey and interview data), and use interdisciplinary difference to sharpen the epistemological  framework of multimodal research and the development of methods attuned to the demands of different disciplines.

Indicative topics: combining ethnographic and multimodal approaches; Applying multimodal approaches across the social sciences; methods for using multimodal frameworks with large scale data sets; combining visual and written data sets; visual methods from across the disciplines.

Indicative research questions: How can multimodal analysis productively relate to the theoretical and interpretive frameworks of different disciplines concerned with digital environments?What methods can be used to connect multimodal micro-analysis to macro-data (e.g. from quantitative approaches)? How can multimodal ‘triangulation’ combine different forms of digital data?

Click here for an overview of research and training activity in this strand.

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