Visual and Multimodal Research Forum

The Visual and Multimodal Forum is a student-coordinated forum for research students across UCL Institute of Education working with visual and multimodal theories, methods and data. It aims to provide a supportive and critical group to discuss visual and multimodal research. Forum activities include:

  • Discussion of key concepts and ideas
  • Data sharing and analysis sessions
  • Exploring different approaches to data collection and analysis
  • Reading and discussing key articles
  • Presentations of visual and multimodal research projects

The forum is facilitated by Sophia Diamantopoulou and open to all  postgraduate research students and other researchers at UCL Institute of Education and elsewhere. You do not need to register; just come along.

Meetings in the academic year 2016-17

We will be organising meetings in the Spring Term. More information will be posted here soon.

Previous meetings

All meetings are held from 5 till 6.30pm in the large seminar room of UCL Knowledge Lab, 23-29 Emerald Street, London WC1N 3QS. 

Date Speaker Talk
10 Nov 2014 Sophia Diamantopoulou  Introduction to multimodality
Dr Myrrh Domingo Language and identity research in digital environments: a multimodal perspective
1 Dec 2014 Dr Terhi Korkiakangas Video data and multimodal analysis
19 Jan 2015  Tao Qu Transformation and transduction: from EFL textbooks to teaching practice in English classrooms in China
9 Feb 2015  Jenifer Ho Language learning in online platforms: A multimodal study of English speakers learning Chinese
9 March 2015 Dr Anders Björkvall The archaeology of a new multimodal genre: ‘Platform of values’ texts from public authorities and organizations in Sweden
8 April 2015 Dr Kathy Mills Critically Deconstructing Race through a Multimodal Analysis of iPad Tellagami Videos
20 April 2015 Dr Sabrina Francesconi Multimodal genre hybridity in digital travel videos
11 May 2015 Dr Sumin Zhao Mobile applications as semiotic technologies: a multimodal social semiotic approach to interactivity & picture book apps 
15 June 2015  Prof Jan Blommaert  Language, behavioural scripts and realism
14 April 2016  Dr Elisabetta Adami Work-in-progress seminar: Can multimodal analysis help us to understand superdiversity in place?
19 May 2016  Dr Ioanna Noula Multimodal approaches to the concept of citizenship in educational contexts
16 June 2016  Ana Rita Claro Rodrigues Work in progress seminar: towards a multimodal description of a demonstration performed at a science festival
12 July 2016 Jenifer Ho Work in progress seminar: Using a multimodal approach to investigate translanguaging in online Chinese learning