6-ICOM Conference

6th International Conference on Multimodality  (6-ICOM)

Venue: Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way, London

Date: 22 August – 24 August 2012

Hosted by the IOE Centre for Multimodal Research, MODE (Multimodal Methods for Researching Digital Data and Environments) and the Institute of Education.

Please click here for the final  6ICOM conference guide

Key Notes:
  • Gunther Kress & colleagues at IOE Centre for Multimodal Research: Challenges, trends and new directions in multimodal work

This is not a theme-based conference and we envisage a broad based interpretation of multimodality. The conference welcomes papers from across different fields of application – including health, work and occupations, art, media and marketing, games and play, education, tourism, and business. Whilst we expect many of the papers will come under the following sub-headings these are not designed to be exhaustive or limiting:

Identity Practical applications of multimodality
Social justice Methodological challenges
Historical perspectives on multimodality Video based research
Embodiment and physicality Developments of concepts and theory
Space and place Multimodality and ethics
Technology and multimodality Approaches to analyzing multimodal data

Interdisciplinary multimodal work

Conference Resources

Please click here for audio recordings with slides of the plenary talks:

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