Key concepts in multimodality

In this collection of videos Gunther Kress is interviewed by Berit Hendriksen. Each video is focused on a particular set of questions and key concepts.

  1. “What is a mode”? on ‘mode’, ‘resource’, ‘affordance’ and ‘sign’.
  2. “What is multimodality?” on ‘functional specialisation’, ‘functional load’, ‘coherence’ and ‘layout’.
  3. “How do people choose between modes?” on ‘interest’, ‘choice’, ‘aptness’, ‘transformation’ and ‘transduction.
  4. “Why adopt a multimodal approach?” on the potentialities and constraints of a multimodal approach.

Gunther and Berit use a snapshot of the BBC News home page (taken on 7th March 2012) as an example.